"Everyone stumbles over the truth from time to time, but most people pick themselves up and hurry off as though nothing ever happened."
— Sir Winston Churchill
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International Coach Federation

Who Hires Life Coaches?

You might want a coach if you ask yourself these questions:

  • How can I have a happier and more fulfilling life?
  • How can I be heard and have someone believe in me? How do I realize my goals and dreams that I know I could accomplish with some support?
  • How can I find the energy to achieve my full potential and get motivated? I know I have so much potential that I'm not tapping into for various reasons.
  • How can I express my true gifts and talents "waiting" to be offered to the world and incorporate them into my everyday life?
  • How do I show the "real" me to coworkers, friends, and family?
  • How do I find out who the "real" me is? What really makes ME happy?
  • How do I make a change for a real difference in my life?

*Life Coaching Studies report the following:

  • 80.5% of clients turned to a coach for time management help.
  • 74.3% of clients turned to a coach for career help.
  • 73.8% of clients turned to a coach for business help.
  • 58.6% of clients turned to a coach for relationship/family help.
  • 51% of clients turned to a coach for spiritual help.
  • 45.2 % of clients turned to a coach for personal help.

Life Coaching Self Assessments:

Take one of the assessments below to determine if coaching could serve you... (Once you have filled out the assessment please feel free to contact us)

* http://www.synergyinstituteonline.com provided these results from the International Coaching Federation.

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