Achieve Your Goals/Dreams through Inspired Action

Thanks for the success of the goal setting workshop you did a few weeks ago. It was great…and the results have been amazing. The workshop accomplished exactly what the team needed…It helped them to really see the whole picture.

This workshop fits perfectly with the goal setting and tracking from the Learn, Earn and Live Better book. It was the missing link to help them actually understand how it all fits together. I still can’t believe how well this was received…like they were hearing all of this info for the first time. They actually got it!!

Salon/Spa Owner – Chicago, IL

Working with a life coach helped me set both short and long-term goals, and figure out realistic steps to reach these goals. Her exercises showed me what values were important to me, and what areas in my life needed improvement. She provided support and really pushed me to make changes in order to make myself fulfilled. I would recommend working with Rosie to anyone who wants to make changes in their life, no matter how significant.

Music Licensing Assistant – Chicago, IL

I was going through a very difficult personal time with my relationship. I was making some tough life-changing decisions, which affected every area of my life. I came to Rosie for help sorting my emotions, feelings, objectives and steps to move forward in a positive way.

Rosie’s approach in coaching is very engaging, confidential, objective and effective. She listens, assesses the situation/issues, and asks the appropriate questions (in a diplomatic and delicate manner when necessary). Her questions often led me to think about the issue in a better, new and constructive manner. Her approach makes you look at yourself and determine what it is that is the best direction for you. She leads you to your own decisions/thoughts, and provides great clarity on a situation. She also looks at things from many perspectives and doesn’t automatically take one view of the situation which helped me move past some obstacles in my life.

Rosie uses exercises and customizes techniques to help move me toward action and deepen my learning on a situation. When we first met, she provided me with a worksheet that was a self-assessment type of Q&A. I thought it was helpful, but felt the sessions were much more constructive. I think the form was a good intro for a new client.

The overall results from coaching have been GREAT and very helpful. Rosie’s coaching was instrumental in my healing and moving ahead positively in life. She offers practical guidance, defines your needs/goals/wishes, etc. and concrete direction on how you may get there. The combination of emotional understanding, spiritual healing, and pragmatic assistance was a great combination. The learnings we uncover and action she inspires continually help me in all aspects of my life.

I strongly would recommend any length of coaching with Rosie—She is AMAZING and truly helps you become a better, more positive, wiser and happier person.

Entertainment Lawyer – Chicago, IL

When life coaching was first suggested to me I was a bit leery of the experience. However, within the first few moments of my initial session with Rosie I realized not only the benefits of life coaching, but also how much I was going to enjoy the experience. Rosie has a talent for making me feel comfortable, while still pushing me to evaluate my situation and find the answers I am looking for within myself. I leave each session with a clear understanding of the next “next steps” I need to do in order to move toward accomplishing my goals.

Film and Video Producer – Chicago, IL

I have always felt that my life was pretty full. I found success and fulfillment in my work, I have a supportive family and a wonderful group of friends who fill my life with so much joy. However, I was missing a romantic relationship and came to realize that if I wanted to reach my goal of marriage and children, I needed to put as much effort into that area as I have other areas of my life. I attempted to make changes on my own but felt that the approach and attitude I had always taken was somehow a factor in my lack of success. I realized that I needed help to pinpoint the attitude or behavioral patterns that were hindering my goals and I decided to talk to Rosie to see if life coaching could help me.

Like many people, I assumed that life coaching was limited to helping with career issues. Through my sessions with Rosie and the process that she uses, I quickly realized that coaching can benefit all aspects of your life. Rosie challenges you to really step back and take honest stock in who you are, how you see yourself and how those deep-rooted perceptions of yourself impact the image you project outward. I tend to thrive within a structured setting and have found the exercises or “homework” Rosie provides to be very helpful. I am very pleased with the progress I have made through my sessions with Rosie. I leave each session energized and feel a great sense of accomplishment.

I would recommend coaching to anyone who is at a crossroads in their life and desires a change, but feels they need outside support and guidance to make that change. Rosie is a fantastic coach and has truly provided me the tools and guidance I needed to help me reach my life goals.

Director of Relationship Marketing – Atlanta, GA

Renew Enthusiasm for your Life Potential (through Life Transitions)

I was an Executive Producer/General Manager who started a company with the owner and loved my job. I loved it so much that I “married” it. I spent the last 7 years helping build a company and creatives’ careers. Then at a very tragic time in my life, I lost a very close friend to cancer and my life changed. I got to thinking, what am I doing in my late 30’s and without children or a husband. I was soul searching how am I going to live my live to its fullest. Then as the “Secret” would have it, Rosie happened upon my life. I met with her for an informational meeting to see if life coaching would be the next step for me and immediately I was in. Rosie immediately, professionally, set out the steps in which I could get everything I wanted for my life. In the first meeting she was prepared with goals and with warmth that just drew me in. Even though I knew that I would have to start examining things in my life that were and weren’t working for me, I always knew that I had Rosie’s guidance and support that I could weather any storm. I decided to leave my job and pursue other opportunities which would give me fulfillment and pride. She has been my teacher, my support, and my biggest fan in this endeavor. I truly don’t believe that I could have taken the steps to make a significant move in the direction in which I see my life if it wasn’t for my life coach.

She has provided me with the tools, direction and motivation that I needed to get everything that I want out of life. I would say that she is a therapist, teacher, friend, cheerleader and someone who will hold you accountable, when needed, and in my case A LOT.

I would highly recommend a life coach when you have finally decided that indeed we are all entitled to “having it all”. A life coach will help you define for yourself, what your “have it all” is and Rosie is the best of the best. I asked her one time if she could be my life coach forever…that is how much she has affected and changed my life for the better.

Executive Producer/General Manager – Chicago, IL

Coming to peace with a major job change and my ambivalence about having a baby was a real struggle for me, but after some sessions with Rosie, she and I both noticed a big difference in my attitude about these things. She helped me find peace with the changes in my life — both the ones that were already happening and the ones that were imminent. Her methods are fun and gentle; she helps you while you’re having fun!

Film Editor – Chicago, IL

When I graduated from college, I felt that I had all that I needed to be successful. The problem was all of a sudden I realized I had no idea what I really wanted to do and I didn’t know where to begin. I spent five years searching, but continued to just feel stuck. Throughout the five years, I lost a lot of confidence, I became anxious and hid behind fear. That combination kept me from being my true self and living a joyful life. Through circumstances I am so grateful for, I met Rosie. Rosie and I began meeting and quickly, I experienced amazing changes in my life. Throughout our time, Rosie challenged me to answer questions I had never thought about, taught me to see the good in myself, and revealed to me how wonderful life can be at this very minute and throughout our entire path.

Rosie helped me realize that everything I need, I already have inside of me. I learned how to peel away a few harmful layers and beliefs I had created for myself along the way. Through personal exercises and journaling I learned to reconnect to myself and my true center. Once I reconnected with myself, obstructions were cleared, and my life seemed to flow with ease and freedom. She gifted me with methods and techniques that I have taken with me and tap into every day to keep developing. I am so thankful for my coaching experience with Rosie. She is a teacher, an encourager and a friend.

Program Director for Non-Profit Organization – Chicago, IL

Realize Life Balance and Personal Fullfillment

When I first contacted Rosie, I must admit that I didn’t know what to expect. The truth is that I was a bit apprehensive about the whole idea of seeing a life coach. You see, I had already enjoyed a great deal of success in my life already and I initially made the mistake of worrying what others might think of me. Somewhere in my head, I could already hear my friends and family saying something like that kind of stuff is only for people who knew absolutely nothing about being successful.

But somewhere along the line in my quest for personal growth, I began to question my dismissive beliefs as I began to study the lives of other successful individuals. So I decided to arrange an initial consultation meeting just to feel things out and looking back it is one of the best decisions I ever made.

What I have realized from working with Rosie is that no matter how successful you are now, there is always more room for growth (and it’s a fun, exhilarating process). You see working hard and having the current skill sets you have in life can get you very far. But in life, there is very little that separates one individual from another and often the difference is so small that it seems intangible from a physical standpoint. But it is that extra 10% or 20% of a mental edge that makes all the difference in the world. It is what separates the promising talents from the greats and the difference between the greats and the legends. And this is what Rosie helps bring out in you. I can attest that working with Rosie will help you be comfortable with being you and ensure that you are being the person you always wanted to become (the best you can be) as you find that she helps you develop the necessary tools to adapt to life’s challenges.

Rosie’s impressive credentials speak for themselves, but what really impresses me is her uncanny ability to help you attain balance in your life without feeling that life is a struggle. The small improvements in your life start to accumulate in a natural manner as you find yourself no longer procrastinating about the things you know need to be done simply because you feel differently about the situation at hand. Rosie is a warm, attentive, and caring person that knows exactly how and when to help shift your focus to where your life needs to be. With the rare blend of remarkable attributes that she possesses, I cannot fathom working with a better coach. My final thoughts are that I hope whoever is reading this can enjoy the wonderful fulfillment that I now enjoy in my own life.

Professional Financial Services, Aspiring Musician – Chicago, IL