"Everyone stumbles over the truth from time to time, but most people pick themselves up and hurry off as though nothing ever happened."
— Sir Winston Churchill
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"Instead of frittering away your vibrancy with worry or distraction, realize your mind and body are inextricably united. What calms and tones up one, soothes and improves the other."
— Marsha Sinetar


Business Coaching

While there is a personal and life component to business coaching, it focuses on your career and your business. We can provide a trusted environment for team leaders or individual employees to evaluate their career path and develop goals as they relate to management or leadership skills and general team or business processes. This work would be within the context of your overall business vision.

Once we've evaluated career paths and/or developed goals, we can design a tangible, action plan for your career development and business growth. We can also consider resources and tools to help you achieve your desired skills and goals. Ultimately, the compelling goals and solid action plans we create in the coaching process will link your personal vision to your business' vision for increased productivity and profitability.

Studies* show that coaching helps executives realize improvements in the following areas:

  • productivity (reported by 53% of executives)
  • quality (48%)
  • organizational strength (39%)
  • working relationships (77%)
  • teamwork (67%)
  • job satisfaction (61%)

(* Source Manchester Inc.)

Personal Coaching

Personal coaching looks at your whole life (career, health, romance, family, friends, fun/recreation, personal growth, etc) and helps re-evaluate what would really make you happiest and most fulfilled—finding your true purpose!

People who have gone through coaching experience the following benefits:

  • Feel more energized.
  • Choose meaningful life experiences instead of just going through the motions in life.
  • Learn how to embrace what comes their way.

Learn more about who hires life coaches and life coaching results.

Life Coaching Fees and Packages

Individual Coaching - General Program

This customized program provides you with the opportunity to better understand how you can feel more satisfied in your life by creating more motivating and meaningful goals. Its flexibility is perfect for those who have a sense of what they want but need help defining it and creating a plan to achieve it.

You decide how many times we meet. It's recommended that we meet 2 or 3 times a month for a minimum of 3 months to develop the working relationship, to start seeing progress, and to put your hard work into action.

Sessions Per Month

Level 1 One session for one hour
Level 2 Two 45 minute coaching sessions
Level 3 Three 45 minute coaching sessions
Level 4 Four 45 minute coaching sessions
Level 1 also includes free periodic emails between sessions.
Levels 2, 3, & 4 also include free unlimited emails and short phone calls between sessions

Contact us for a FREE consultation and to learn about the fees.

Personal Branding Program

This is a comprehensive program that allows you to craft your unique personal brand so you can convey your best self and more easily and naturally attract what you want in life. We start by delving deep to define who you are and get clear on who you want to be - your passion, personality, and purpose. We'll boil down that information into a succinct statement you use to guide your strategies and tactics (e.g., resumes, cover letters, on-line profiles, etc) for a more effective personal brand. Finally, we'll finish with ways to communicate your best self to your world.

We'll meet twice a month for 6 months to understand your most authentic self, determine the unique value you offer, and develop compelling ways to deliver your personal brand consistently.

Sessions Per Month

Month 1 Discovery Sessions
Month 2 Assessments
Month 3 Goal Setting
Month 4 Foundation for Plan
Month 5 Evaluate and Refine Plan
Month 6 Finalize plan and Completion
Program also includes free unlimited emails and short phone calls between sessions.

Contact us for a FREE consultation and to learn about the fees.

"Why Wait? Be Happier Today!" Coaching Program

This program is a 5-step process to help you live a happier life starting now! The program provides structure and guidance as you explore who you are, how you relate to your world, and how you can confidently express yourself so you can feel fulfilled, free, and happier. We start by gaining a deeper awareness of who your best self is and what holds him/her back from showing up more often. We then consider your beliefs about your world as it relates to your fears, love, and happiness. Finally, we identify your purpose, goals and an action plan to achieve your goals and ultimate happiness.

We'll meet twice a month for 6 months and you'll receive a workbook to keep track of our sessions and your progress. Ultimately, you'll have tools and resources (e.g., personalized declarations, an understanding of your natural talents, a clear vision for your life, customized daily practices, and effective ways to modify your behavior) so you can find your energy, increase it, and maintain it to get what you want easily.

Sessions Per Month

Month 1 Know Yourself
Month 2 Know Your World
Month 3 Identify Your Purpose
Month 4 Develop Goals
Month 5 Create Action Plan
Month 6 Completion
Program also includes free unlimited emails and short phone calls between sessions.

Contact us for a FREE consultation and to learn about the fees.

Maintenance Coaching Program (Per Month)

After completing a successful coaching program, you might want to continue meeting but less frequently than you did during the initial coaching program.  This continued coaching will help you remain accountable to your goals and insure you continue to be true to yourself. 

Level 1 One 45 minute coaching session at the rate you locked in during your initial coaching program (this can be done quarterly as well).
Level 2 Two 30 minute coaching sessions per month.
Level 3 Three 30 minute coaching sessions per month.
Level 4 Four 30 minute coaching sessions per month.

*Inquire about Maintenance Coaching Program conducted via email.


Progress Tracking Program (On-line)

We have a customizable on-line program to help track your results and progress.
Tracking your progress will help you be accountable and motivate you to achieve results.