"Any fool can run towards the light. It takes a master with courage to turn and face the darkness and shine his own light there."
— Leslie Fieger
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Company Mission

We provide a safe, trusting environment for creative and resourceful people to find their true purpose. Within that environment, we'll shine a light on your life so you can see it more clearly—your goals, your motivations, what holds you back and what propels you forward, ultimately illuminating a path to help you realize your full potential.

Company Philosophy

We believe you have all the answers to your life questions inside you. We partner with you to mine those answers, re-evaluate what really makes you happy, and determine what YOU want for your life.

We focus on what you want out of coaching overall while holding you accountable for achieving those desires. This process ignites you to develop more compelling goals (or as we like to call them, "adventures") that you will want to pursue. Discovering your true self will revitalize your energy to go after what you want and design the life you love!

We look at your whole life since each area (financials, health, fun and recreation, significant other/romance, physical environment, career, friends/family, and personal growth) can impact other areas of your life. Although there is some structure to our session, we are flexible and will deal with whatever comes up during a session.

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Coaches Biographies

Rosie Guagliardo
Founder & Coach

Rosie Guagliardo

Rosie works with coaching clients to address all realms of life based on their priorities. She uses a holistic approach as part of the change and growth process. She aims to help her clients feel more alive and energized as they seek to live life according to their own vision. She does this by helping her clients see their own self worth and how to authentically share their value with the rest of their world to achieve life results they most desire.

Rosie’s 16 year career in marketing and advertising building brands such as McDonald’s, Unilever, Anheuser-Busch’s Adventure Parks, Morton Salt and Emerson served to train Rosie on how to identify meaningful, motivating goals for her coaching clients and stay on course to achieve them. She is highly skilled at strategic thinking and developing creative solutions for both business and personal challenges.

Rosie is a graduate of the Coaches Training Instituterecognized by the International Coaching Federation as an accredited coaches training school and continues to receive training from organizations such as Coachville. She also received two additional certifications recognized by the International Coaching Federation – CPCC (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) and ACC (Associate Certified Coach).  She graduated with a bachelor of Liberal Arts and Sciences from Northwestern University where she majored in Psychology and International Studies.

Rosie’s multi-cultural background has given her the gift of seeing and valuing different perspectives. Her keen awareness and sensitivity to the impact of individuals’ culture, family background, and personal life story on their lives is integral to her work as a coach. Living in Italy with her Italian family helped her develop the skill of identifying solutions for challenging situations while remaining compassionate to all perspectives.

Dana Pasquali

Dana Pasquali

Denver, CO

Dana focuses on both business and personal coaching. She is also a graduate of the Coaches Training Institute.

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Kim Manthey

Kim Manthey

Austin, TX

Kim is a life coach and organizational consultant. Kim graduated from the Coaches Training Institute while also continuing to run her organizational consulting business.

Lora Moody

Lora Moody

Madison, WI

Lora works as a sales consultant training small to medium sized business sales forces and sales managers. Lora leverages her solid sales experience with her education from the Coaches Training Institute.