InnerBrilliance Coaching, LLC is a professional coaching services company founded by Rosie Guagliardo and based in Chicago, IL. InnerBrilliance Coaching can help you shine a light on your life so you can see it more clearly - your motivations, what holds you back, and what propels you forward, ultimately illuminating a path to help you realize your full life potential.

At InnerBrilliance Coaching, we provide business and personal life coaching services to achieve career or personal success. The Coaches work with you to address all areas of your life based on your priorities. Our process helps you re-evaluate what would really make you happiest and feel the most personal fulfillment — finding your true purpose! With a deeper understanding of yourself and a greater sense of your life purpose, you'll feel energized and revitalized to design the life you love.

Our process also ignites you to develop more compelling goals that you will want to pursue. If you are considering a career transition or modification, become a stronger manager/leader and learn how to guide your team towards peak performance. Or as you think about your life as a whole, become conscious of your true self to achieve your goals/desires within an ideal life balance and move towards overall wellness.

Using your true purpose as a foundation, we help you create a life vision and a professional or personal development plan to realize that vision and take action. We accomplish this mission by accessing your inner brilliance (inner knowledge or guidance system).

So, if you aspire to change or are experiencing a life transition, learn more about our coaching services and how you can feel a renewed enthusiasm for your amazing life potential to live your dream life. Spark your motivation and energy for a new life strategy that can result in many life possibilities!

What is Life Coaching?

What is Life Coaching? What is Life Coaching?
It's a partnership where a coach helps to uncover what you truly want and helps move you toward action or deepens your learning about a situation.

What are the Results?

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With InnerBrilliance Coaching's customized techniques and methods, you can find your true self, feel more alive than ever, and get energized to design the life you love, leaving you feeling enriched and fulfilled.