Buy Yourself Some Time

Meeting Deepak

Don’t you just wish you could buy yourself some more time?  Maybe $20 for another hour in the day.  Or, is it worth more to you?  Maybe $100?  Ha!  I wish…or do I?  What would I do with all that extra time? Well, as a recovering perfectionist and over-achiever, I would have probably packed that baby up with another activity.  Ohhhh!  Maybe another hour of sleep.  Nah, an activity.

We all have the same amount of time and we can’t change that amount.  So, what is it that we really want?  To get more done?  To get the right things done?  If so, we know the best way to accomplish more of what we want is to get super clear about our priorities.

Then, live life in alignment with those priorities so DAILY activities reflect them…all of the time and not just some of the time.  BUT, what if we’re clear about what is important and try to participate in activities that match up with experiencing our deepest desires?

Why do we still feel stressed about getting our priorities “all” done?

Do we have to change what we do…or how we feel about our situation?

Well, my friend Deepak (who I met years ago as you can see from the pic above) and also saw again last month at the Auditorium Theater, reminded me of a way to feel like I have more time.  And, it’s FREE:-)   He suggested we examine our relationship with time.  He said that if you’re always thinking you don’t have enough, it’ll feel like you don’t and that is where the stress comes in.    Remember, you play a role in creating your life and you have a choice when it comes to how you want to think about it and the concept of time.

So, I invite you to take on a new perspective…”I have all the time in the world.”  I’ve tried this before and it really works!  Just keep telling yourself you have all the time in the world.  Your brain will feel more at ease.  With that sense of calmness, you’ll have access to more solutions – and it just feels SO much better!  (There is scientific proof to confirm this happens:-) Ultimately, when you’re calm, you can be in the present moment, let go of all the “shoulds,” and free up your mind to be more open to new and different answers.

Have you ever tried to find a solution by (1) ruminating over the past OR (2) listing and fearing all the possible outcomes that could occur in the future? How did that work out for you?  Sure, maybe that analysis helped you come up with some ideas on what action to take.  But, better solutions come from a combination of doing that analysis and then “letting go” and letting the answer come to you. Our BEST ideas come to us when we’re happy and feeling good.  Our brain performs optimally when we’re in a happier state.

Bottom line…whether you’re anxious or calm, you’re going to get close to the same amount of stuff done.  BUT, you might get more done or some things done more quickly if you have access to more/better solutions.  If you’re reading this blog, you’re probably a productive person.  So, I’m not worried about you trying to “see” time with this new perspective.  You’ll be just fine remembering “I have all the time in the world.”

Try it out?  Let me know what you notice:-)  No rush getting back to me…ahhh, I have all the time in the world:-)

8 Responses to “Buy Yourself Some Time”

  • John Mousseau says:

    Good perspective to try. I’ll tell you how it goes.

  • Jen says:

    Great article. I like the letting go of the “shoulds.” It is so true.

  • Great! Just talked to a friend about it, and she said she could do it for a few moments. Then, she went back in to a bit of panic mode. The key is to really embrace the emotions (i.e., feel the feelings) that go along with saying/thinking “I have all the time in the world.”

  • Yes, they take up so much energy…that could be expended on doing what you want OR coming up with better solutions for what you genuinely want to get done.

  • Nikki says:

    Great idea….I will give this a try

  • Jen says:

    So much time:) Thanks Rosie!

  • Megan W says:

    I often procrastinate… How does that work with “I have all the time in the world”? I may never get anything done…lol

  • I know it sounds crazy:-) But, when your activities are in alignment with your values (i.e, what is most important to you), you’ll be excited to do them (read: less procrastination). And, then the challenge can be “how do I get it all done?!” So, reminding yourself you have “all the time in the world” will help you remain calm. When we’re calm and grounded, our brains have access to creative solutions (we might not otherwise think of in a state of panic and frustration). Try it! I promise it works.

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