My True Confession: I nap (yes, daily!)

Ok, I ADMIT it…

It’s true.  I nap MOST days of the week.

Yes, DURING the work week!

And, it is EVEN scheduled on my calendar.

Plus, I have discovered just the perfect way for me to nap so I can get the MOST out of it(i.e., being more alert, improved functional performance, and better cognitive memory processing).

As recently as a year ago, the opportunity to nap during the day seemed like a dream to me. (A BIG one at that!) I was VERY hard driving in all areas of my life to achieve my ‘so-called’ goals – (which ironically DID include having a more balanced, peaceful life.)

The thought of a nap seemed ABSOLUTELY unheard of, not to mention..sooo TABOO in our American culture.

However, when I was younger, visiting relatives in Sicily, they napped every SINGLE day (in the middle of the work day) after our mid-day meal.  When my relatives suggested a nap to me, I thought it was pure craziness.

I, of course, fought it and went to the other extreme of doing something very active – riding my bike, playing soccer, anything to show them how wrong it was to nap.

Then, one day after an amazing meal (which happened daily in Sicily:-), I decided to indulge in a nap!

There it was..the turning point for ME! It was brilliant, enjoyable, refreshing and ohhh… so easy. (Now granted, I slept way too long to ever be productive later that day, but it didn’t matter because I was on vacation.)

From that point,  I associated it with a luxury that I was ‘only’ allowed to enjoy strictly on vacation.  And,  it seemed so inappropriate to take that kind of break while I was working or in my ‘regular’ life.  I mean ‘how dare I’?

Then, as my schedule became more flexible and knowing all the benefits of napping, I was inspired to figure out a way to integrate this positive ritual into my life as of recently.

Napping is now the hot buzz… see a recent news article below.  Many of the tips in there are HOW I got started to designing my ‘perfect nap’ and working it into my daily lifestyle  including:

  • Keeping my nap to 20 minutes – that’s optimal for me
  • Drinking espresso before I go down to avoid feeling groggy (rest assured, the caffeine won’t kick in until around the time I’ve set my alarm to wake up)

The results are JUST magical.  I wake up feeling refreshed, feeling good, and ready to get back at it and really ‘in’ my life for the remainder of my day.

Plus, rather than labeling a nap as a ‘only on vacation’ experience, I’ve incorporated my nap in as a daily pleasure that lights me up and it helps to nourish my mind & body.  This little mid-afternoon re-boot is now a requirement for me to live an inspired life where I have so much more happiness, energy, and balance…it’s become more than just a ‘little luxury’ that I allowed myself to indulge in once in a while.

Life is FULL of many daily pleasures that we can ADD in to support us more so in our lives…. they can refuel us, nourish us, or bring a sprinkle of joy that makes are own lives that much more fulfilling.

What ritual or experience can you add in daily that will make a big or small impact on your life now?

See “The Perfect Nap” article for more tips on adding in napping… and be sure to let me know how it goes.

And, desire to get deeper into YOUR perfectly-inspired life… one that adds little luxuries, pleasures and more meaning daily?  Join me as I guide you AND design with you. To learn more, check out my complimentary “Inspired Life” Session. Or, to get started right away, click here to schedule a time to meet for the complimentary session.

2 Responses to “My True Confession: I nap (yes, daily!)”

  • Amy says:

    Rosie! I love it. I indulge in a nap from time to time…I love how you’ve made napping work for you on a daily basis. So great! (I usually go down for much longer than 20 minutes, although I don’t have the issue of waking up groggy…maybe that’s my way of napping! :)

  • Amy, sounds like you found the secret to your perfect nap. Enjoy!

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