17 Tips to Feel Your Best

I just read this great article in “Body and Soul” magazine about how you can feel your best.  The article is a compilation of 17 “tips” to feel and stay healthy.  It explains how all of the information out there can be overwhelming.  Sometimes, I feel like trying to be healthy can be exhausting!  But to feel energized as you implement health practices, read these tips and go to wholeliving.com for more information on how to be and stay healthy.  Enjoy!

  1. Listen to Your Body
  2. Get Your Daily D (Vitamin D)
  3. Practice Forgiveness
  4. Lean on Your Friends
  5. Get Moving
  6. Just Breathe
  7. Power Up Your Breakfast (with protein)
  8. Get To Know Yourself
  9. Eat Whole Foods (not processed)
  10. Meditate in the AM
  11. Be Grateful
  12. Have Some Fun (Try these tips with a friend)
  13. Reach Out (to someone when you are feeling stressed versus hunkering down)
  14. Change the Channel (tune out negative news or people)
  15. Don’t Fill ‘Er Up (Stop eating when you feel satisfied but could even eat a little more)
  16. Be Fearless
  17. Be One With Nature

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